What is eBrain Software?

eBrain allows a user to deploy cognitive-thinking digital entities, or "eHumans", which live in a virtual environment, and conduct artificial intelligence thought.

Connect eBrain to the web or your mobile phone

A paramount feature of eBrain technology are its connectivity options. Using our network features, you can connect to the web and assign tasks to an eHuman, or even call an eHuman and have a conversation through your mobile phone.

  • Deploy Online Tasks

    eHumans are not only able to browse the web, but they can decipher the actual web pages. Save time by deploying an eHuman which can assist in conducting online tasks and research.

  • Introducing... 'My AI' MobileNew

    Mobile eBrain allows users to call their eHuman(s) from their Mobile device, anywhere in the world. This is useful for checking up on active projects, or purely for entertainment.

Get the most from your device

We believe a device is only as useful as the software its running. That is why we're dedicated to utilizing every aspect of your hardware to power an incredible experience.

  • Be the eCreator

    Use visual aids and plug-ins to develop eUniverses that mirror the planet around you, powering your own adaptation of virtual life

  • One-touch environment replication

    Enter a personalized world by using intelligent commands to automatically generate complex environments; use default libraries to rapidly generate scenarios without development overhead

  • General real-world simulations

    Perform physics simulations with a complete suite of universal law simulations that can be put to task in real life

Multiply yourself

eBrain software can help you map your cognitive processes so that you can create a realistic simulation of yourself on a software platform.

Exponential Intelligence

You eBrain Technology Digital You #1 Digital You #2
  • Cognitive Depth

    Access over 230 different modules that allow you to view, analyze, and edit everything from Emotions, Memories, Thoughts, and Learning.

  • Transcending Data

    Use the Data augmentation module to convert your real-world data (reports, charts) to virtual data so that it can be shared and discussed with eHumans

Deploying Artificial Intelligence

Execute eBrain from the command line.

  • eHuman
  • eUniverse
Keywords 403 currently available
  newehuman create new ehuman -
  tquery query all thoughts -
  decisionsys show tree of decisions -
  showemo show present emotion and intensity -
  showskills display acquired skills -
  memdump display memories in hash format -

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January 31st 2017

Launching: Fully-tested release version of eBrain software, the complete realization of AI.

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